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Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Pearl Jam Unplugged..

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Two Of Us - The Beatles

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Ed’s lyrics

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We will miss your brilliance. #GabrielGarciaMarquez #MagicalRealism

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"Fox Force Five." Fox, as in we’re a bunch of foxy chicks. Force, as in we’re a force to be reckoned with. Five, as in there’s one..two …three..four..five of us.
Pulp Fiction (1994) vs. Kill Bill vol. 1  (2003)

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Happy Birthday Marlon Brando! (April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004)

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Previously unseen photo of Kurt Cobain live in Finland, 1992.

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Into the Wild soundtrack on vinyl
Eddie Vedder

Setting Forth
No Ceiling
Far Behind
Long Nights
Hard Sun
The Wolf
End of the Road

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the moon song || karen o ft. ezra koenig

I’m lying on the moon
my dear, I’ll be there soon
it’s a quiet starry place
times we’re swallowed up in space
we’re here a million miles away

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Last night I felt real arms around me.

No hope, no harm.

Just another false alarm.

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